School Evacuates Because Of A ‘Bobcat’, Turns Out To Be Someone’s House Cat

A little cat confusion created quite the scare at a high school in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Students were sent home early after what was believed to be a bobcat was spotted inside the school.

School officials saw surveillance video of the alleged bobcat in the school’s cafeteria.

Wildlife officials spent about two hours searching for the bobcat inside the high school.

But what they found was no bobcat. It was a regular house cat.

But the story doesn’t end there.

The house cat, named Kakashi, had been missing for three months. Thanks to his microchip, he is now reunited with his family.

“Had us for a little bit of a run around town, trying to follow up leads and stuff, and then behold, he’s at West (Scranton High School)! So, sorry guys,” owner Sheanine Johnson said.

Oh, and here’s another happy story as a result of the “bobcat” incident.